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[AU] Genesis Rhapsodos
16 August 2011 @ 08:16 pm
Name: Arc
Journal: lineandcolor
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Name: Genesis Rhapsodos
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Age: Unknown
Occupation: SOLDIER, 1st Class
Timeline: Post-DoC

Personality: Genesis is passionate and fiery individual. Her emotions run deep and they are not tempered. Sometimes. She loves to have a flare, to be dramatic and to be heard. In this vein, she’s also quite vain and ensures she also looks good when going out. She loves looking good. She keeps a calm façade most of the time but should she become angry, there is a fire in her that would not be quelled until she calmed herself down. Part of that anger is that she is prone to jealousy, whether it be from a friend or someone who was better than her (proven or not).

Genesis is also a master with words and very charismatic. Should she want to, she can and will manipulate those around her. However, she's hardly ever found a reason to do this since she likes to be above such trickery (though it doesn't hurt every now and then to have a little fun~). Of course, within the game Genesis had fallen down to using such tactics due to her degradation of both mind and body. But since she was healed by the Goddess and given a second chance, she has since fallen back on her ways before everything had gone downhill. However, that doesn't mean she won't use such tactics when the need calls for it. Her enhanced body also gives her quite the daring attitude. She was risky as a normal human but now nearly indestructible? Why, the possibilities were endless for her. Given her wealthy family, she has spent time learning about everything around her and, more importantly, who. She is quite the social butterfly and will use this knowledge to her advantage should she need it.

Despite all this mingling that she actually doesn't favor doing, she never opens herself up unless one is a close friend of hers. She doesn't like being in the dark, but she doesn't like making herself vulnerable if she can help it, hence the need to be charismatic without pushing too hard. Genesis can be an enigma to those around her and due to being a SOLDIER, there was a respect that she automatically had, she also doesn't mind flaunting this and because certain other people don't dare question her, it's easy to see how she can become "close" the other people but never let them become close to her.

There is also an idiosyncrasy to Genesis that is quite simply unique to her in that when she sets her mind to something, she can and will become obsessed. However, considering we have only seen this with hers obsession with the play LOVELESS, it remains to be seen exactly how obsessed she becomes with other things. Not only that but when her mind had degraded, LOVELESS was the only thing she really latched onto. She was known for quoting it a lot but it wasn't until her desperation and her insanity reached their peak that she really started reciting it on a near constant basis. Luckily, now that her sanity and life has been restored, she won't be quoting it nearly that often.

AU Background: To be quite honest, her background doesn't differ too much from the original canon because what happened wasn't something that was necessarily gender specific. The only difference is that, physically, Genesis has two wings instead of one. The Goddess gave her a second one when she was healed to "complete" her, in a way. She was also in love with both Sephiroth and Angeal though she never acted upon her feelings as her jealousy for Sephiroth's fame overshadowed any love she once had and her insanity during the degradation made her forget her love for both of them.

First Person Sample: [Genesis is in the hallways, her first evening dinner done and over with and now she is simply exploring. She is wearing her evening dress that she found in her room and she is walking around the hallway where many of the candles are floating. She reaches out to wave a hand beneath one candle and, unsurprisingly, there is nothing there.]

This is certainly the most fascinating mansion I have ever been to. It's as though all those books I read as a child has come to life.

[What's eerie is that her mako glowing eyes looks a touch brighter because of the candles and she smirks, looking around and still walking down the halls.]

Infinite in mystery is the gift of the Goddess
We seek it thus, and take to the sky
Ripples form on the water's surface
The wandering soul knows no rest.

...but I wonder. Can the mystery be solved this time? Time will surely tell.

Third Person Sample: Genesis shut her phone off and put it back into her corset. She had no pockets and it was a little inconvenient. But that didn't mean she would have to suffer, even if it felt odd to have a phone next to her breast. As she continued down the hallway, she thought back on end of her first day here. It was just so odd to be here. To be here and see him. It was disconcerting and she had nearly lost herself as the rush of emotions that she had long since buried came back. But Genesis forced herself to lock them away again. She didn't deserve to feel those feelings and it was clear this Sephiroth wasn't the same one that she knew.

The last thing she wanted to do was add to the awkward.

Besides, there was an entire mansion to explore that practically came out of a horror novel. The thrill of it made her venture into the candle lit hallways, hoping to see more of those grisly ghouls and wandering ghosts. It was so morbidly fascinating, really, even if she had jumped at the first sight of them when she first arrived. She would have been a fool not to.

As her fingers drifted over the candle's fires, she murmured the well known poem, the other hand holding up her skirts. " My friend, do you fly away now? To a world that abhors you and I?
All that awaits you is a somber morrow, No matter where the winds may blow...

As if listening, Genesis felt a wind blow her hair from her face, it was cool and brought in more of that musty, old smell of this Haunted Mansion.

Questions: None~